Charitable Giving Scheme

For the one-off price of a stamp and a little of your time, you could be able to make a significant annual cash donation to charity. You can choose one of our three participating charities, or opt for an equal split between all three. Please see below for information on how the Scheme works and how to sign up.

Click here for more information on Action for Children.
Click here for how to sign up.
Click here for more information on Marie Curie Cancer Care.
Click here for how to sign up.
Click here for more information on PDSA.

Click here for how to sign up.

Action for Children registered charity nos. 1097940 & SC038092; Company No. 4764232
Marie Curie Cancer Care registered charity nos. 207994 & SC038731
PDSA registered charity nos. 208217 & SC037585 

Where do these annual donations come from?

Many investments, such as most Unit Trusts commonly held in a Stocks & Shares ISA, pay or have the potential to pay commission every year of up to 0.5%. This commission, often termed renewal or trail commission, is paid out of the standard annual management charge on the fund.

Clubfinance already provides a service to its customers whereby 75% of this commission is returned to them each year by cheque. Customers can appoint Clubfinance as their agent for investments they already hold to benefit from this service.

Investors can now choose for this money to go to charity each year. Clubfinance will then also contribute a further 2.5%, making a total contribution of 77½p from each £1 of ongoing commission received.

Clubfinance does not charge a fee for this service; Clubfinance is remunerated by the remaining ongoing commission.

This service is only for investors who do not need or want advice on their investments.

How to sign up – existing Clubfinance customers

If you are an existing Clubfinance customer, you just need to send a Clubfinance Charitable Declaration form to Clubfinance. This will cover all current and future investments for which Clubfinance is your agent.

  Charitable Declaration

If you want to include investments for which Clubfinance is not your current agent, please follow the process for new Clubfinance customers below.

How to sign up – new Clubfinance customers

Please click here to view our Change of Agent webpage for important information on appointing Clubfinance as your intermediary for existing investments.

The process is the same as that for changing your agent, but in addition you need to complete a Clubfinance Charitable Declaration. The process is set out in full below.

All information should be sent to Clubfinance. Please make sure that you obtain the current versions of our documents from our website [How?].

1. Not all products pay renewal commission, in which case there will be no corresponding donation. You can still appoint Clubfinance as your agent, but if this is a concern, you can either contact your product provider to ask whether renewal commissions are payable on your product, or it may be indicated in your original product documentation. Alternatively, we can attempt to find out this information for you. However, some products have multiple commission structures and in some cases this information may not be available to us. Click here to use our online form.

2. Please read our Combined Initial Disclosure Document (Keyfacts about our services) and print off a copy or store it on your hard drive for future reference. This gives important information including the nature and scope of the services that we may offer. Please click here.

3. If you are a new Clubfinance customer or if any of your details have changed, we require identification documents to be sent to us to comply with anti-money laundering regulations. Please click here for details.

4. Please read the Clubfinance Terms of Business and either print off a copy or store it on your hard drive for future reference. Please click here.

5. Please print, read carefully, and sign a Clubfinance Client Declaration form confirming that Clubfinance Ltd will only provide an administration service and no advice. Please click here for the form.

6. Please print and complete the "Letter of Authority / Change of Agent" form(s) to be sent to Clubfinance. Clubfinance will send this form to the product provider. Please use a new form for each product provider. Please use the links below to the generic form or tailored forms for the fund supermarkets indicated.

  Generic Change of Agent Form

  Form for CofundsTM

  Form for Fidelity FundsNetworkTM

7. Please print and complete one Clubfinance Charitable Declaration.

  Charitable Declaration

8. Please send the identification documents (if necessary), Client Declaration, Charitable Declaration, and change of agent form(s) to:

Charitable Giving Scheme
Clubfinance Ltd
P.O. Box 1036
Hemel Hempstead

If you have any queries please refer to our frequently asked questions or contact us on the e-mail address provided on our contact us page. Please be aware that changing your agent with a product provider can take several weeks. We will notify you as soon as possible if the particular product provider will not allow you to change your agent.

Important Information

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  • Some investments and policies may only be suitable as medium or long-term products.
  • Tax treatments depend on your individual circumstances and may be subject to change in future.
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