Skandia Investment Solutions ('SIS') Collective Retirement Account ('CRA')

The Skandia Investment Solutions ('SIS') Collective Retirement Account ('CRA') is a Personal Pension. You can invest in over 1,000 Unit Trusts and OEICs (Open Ended Investment Companies) on the Skandia Investment Solutions platform. Included below are the relevant forms and information to invest in the SIS CRA. Please note that we cannot arrange Structured Products that may be available on SIS.

Existing Clubfinance clients with a Skandia Investment Solutions account opened before 18 December 2012 on Charge Basis 1 or 2 who want to make further investments or changes need to contact us to get appropriate documentation and check whether they can remain on their current Charge Basis. This page covers Charge Basis 3, which is now the only Charge Structure available for new accounts through Clubfinance.

Platform Charges

The charging structure means that any payments from the fund manager, including amounts representing trail commission and platform fees paid to Skandia are rebated in full to you as additional units. There is therefore a separate tiered Skandia Platform Charge, which has been reduced for Clubfinance clients, Clubfinance therefore does not receive any commission, so instead Clubfinance charges a 0.05% additional annual fee ('Servicing Fee'). All trail commission and additional platform payments negotiated by Skandia are rebated back in full to your account. Some accounts can be linked for the purposes of calculating the Skandia Platform Charge, which can reduce your overall charges. See Client Linking on our main Skandia Investment Solutions page for details.

Platform charges for Clubfinance clients
Tier % charge within tier (inc. Clubfinance fee)
First £25,000
£25,000 to £100,000
£100,000 to £500,000
£500,000 to £1m
*Minimum charge
£100 + 0.05%
Other charges
Drawdown charge
£57.20 p.a.
Examples of charges at different portfolio values
Account value Effective charge (inc. Clubfinance fee)


Fund Initial Charges

Clubfinance customers can access a 0% initial charge on over 1,000 funds on Skandia Investment Solutions. There are a minority of funds that do have an initial charge on the platform, so please check the funds list before investing.
Clubfinance takes no initial commission or upfront charge on any funds held on the platform. The stated initial charges (0% in the vast majority of cases) also apply for switches on the platform. There is no charge to transfer funds on or off the Skandia Investment Solutions platform.

Forms and Documentation

Please see below for the forms and information applicable to the SIS Collective Retirement Account (CRA).

(Click to open)
New investment Employer contribution* Switch Pension transfer Complete & send in?
SIS Specific
Key Features of the Collective Retirement Account (CRA)
Terms and Conditions of the Collective Retirement Account (CRA) (Charge Basis 3)
SIS charges information
Funds List
Fund Key Investor Information Documents / Simplified Prospectuses
Clubfinance SIS Fee Statement
Application for the Collective Retirement Account (CRA)
Employer Payer Form
Switch/Redirection Request
Clubfinance documents
Clubfinance Keyfacts about our service
Clubfinance Pension Transfer Risk Warnings
Clubfinance Terms of Business
Clubfinance Identification Requirements NC NC NC NC NC
Clubfinance Client Declaration
Clubfinance Additional Terms of Business for Pension Products When first opening an SIS CRA using Clubfinance          


- It is important to read, understand and retain copies of these documents and if the 'Complete and send in?' column is ticked, please send a completed copy to Clubfinance with your application. Please contact us if there is anything you don't understand.
NC    - New Clubfinance customers only (and existing customers if not previously provided).
*       - Where there are employer contributions, please note that we may need to request additional identification documents in respect of the employer.

How to invest

Make sure you have the latest versions of the relevant Clubfinance documentation, SIS Key Features and Terms & Conditions documents, SIS charges information, SIS Funds List, and the Key Investor Information Documents or Simplified Prospectuses for the individual funds in which you want to invest. Make sure you have read, understood, and kept copies of the documents indicated in the table above. For those documents relevant to your transaction, with a tick in the 'Complete and send in?' column, please print off a copy to complete and send in. If you are opening an SIS Collective Retirement Account please also include a signed copy of Clubfinance's Additional Terms of Business for Pension Products. If you have not previously supplied identification documents to Clubfinance, you will also need to include these (see Clubfinance Identification Requirements for details).

Please remember that you must send all documents, including a Clubfinance Client Declaration, to Clubfinance Ltd and not direct to Skandia, in order to benefit from our service. Click here for full details of the process.

Our postal address is:

       Clubfinance Ltd
       PO Box 1036
       Hemel Hempstead
       HP1 2WU

Pension Transfers - Important Points

WARNING. Pension Transfers are often an area where advice is needed. If you have any doubts over your ability to compare the costs and benefits of the old and new schemes, the costs and consequences of transferring, or whether the new scheme is suitable for your needs, or you need advice or a personal recommendation, you should get advice from a suitably authorised financial adviser.

Please be aware that there are some types of pension from which we are unable to arrange a transfer. We are unable to arrange transfers from Occupational Pension Schemes. However, we may at our discretion, arrange transfers to the SIS CRA from Personal Pensions (including Group Personal Pensions and SIPPs).

Please refer to both Clubfinance's Additional Terms of Business for Pension Products, and Clubfinance's Pension Transfer Risk Warnings.

If you decide to request a Pension Transfer, you will also need to obtain a Transfer Valuation and Discharge Form from your current pension provider and include this with your application.

Please note that it is not currently possible to re-register the underlying funds from an existing pension onto the SIS CRA (in specie transfer). The transfer will therefore be a cash transfer.

Other Forms

Form Name Comment
Change to account details
Use to change: personal details, automatic income or withdrawal instructions, bank details, direct debit investment amounts, portfolio rebalancing; or to cancel phased investment.
Direct Debit instruction
Use to change the bank details for regular monthly investments by Direct Debit (or where there is an additional payer).
Switch/redirection request
See table above under switch. This form can also be used to restructure your portfolio and/or redirect future direct debits into different funds.
Third party payer form
Use this form if funds come from someone other than the account holder, or employer. The third party will also need to provide identification documents and a Clubfinance Client Declaration. Note: there is a separate Employer Payer Form in the main table above.
Benefit Crystallisation Event Request for Income Drawdown
Use this form to draw benefits as a drawdown pension.
You should also refer to Skandia's "A clear guide to your retirement options":
A clear guide to your retirement options

If you are taking flexible drawdown, you will also need to complete a flexible drawdown declaration:
Flexible Drawdown Explanatory Guide & Declaration
Benefit Crystallisation Event Request - applying for an annuity with another provider
This form enables you to apply for an annuity with another provider.
You should also refer to Skandia's "A clear guide to your retirement options":
A clear guide to your retirement options.
Triviality Payment Request Form
Use this form to request payment of benefits under the Trivial Pension rules.
Expression of Wish
Use this form to nominate a beneficiary or beneficiaries in the event of your death before age 75.

Summary Details

This is only a guide. Full details will be contained in the Key Features and Terms & Conditions for the fund supermarket.

New investment
Clubfinance makes no charges other than our 0.05% annual fee for new investments (Skandia's platform charges and fund charges apply)
The minimum investment to open a new account is £3,600 for lump sum and transfer investments. There is currently no minimum for additional investment into an existing account.
The minimum regular investment is £99 per month.

Pension transfer
For pension transfers, Clubfinance makes no charges other than our 0.05% annual fee (Skandia's platform charges and fund charges apply). The minimum lump sum investment to open a new account is £3,600.
Note that your existing pension provider may make a charge or exit fee, so please check this with them first.
If you would like to know the charges and commissions on particular funds, please see the Funds List:

SIS fund list

We do not take any initial commission or fee on switches. The usual initial fund charge will apply (usually 0%). Please refer to the current Funds List for details.

SIS fund list

Funds are bought and sold, so could also have a difference between the buying and the selling price, or a dilution levy may be applied.

Skandia Investment Solutions Collective Retirement Account (SIS CRA) Information Request

If you already have an account with Skandia Investment Solutions ('SIS'), and are interested in appointing Clubfinance as your agent to benefit from our commission rebates, please see Change of Agent.

Important Information

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  • Tax treatments depend on your individual circumstances and may be subject to change in future.
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