You can invest in Unit Trusts and OEICS (Open Ended Investment Companies) and some SICAVs (Luxembourg-based funds) on the Cofunds platform, using Clubfinance as your intermediary. To see the range of funds available for new investment, click on the "Cofunds Funds List" button above.

You can access a fund's Key Investor Information Documents (KIID) / Simplified Prospectus together with its report and accounts using the following link. 'Bundled Charging' is relevant for old commission-included funds, and 'Platform Charging' is relevant for commission-free funds available for new investment.

Already on Cofunds, but want to use Clubfinance?

To appoint us as your agent simply print, complete and send us the following form:

Cofunds - Change of Agent

For all other important documentation click here

Fund document library

Fund initial charges

Most funds on Cofunds now have a 0% initial charge. There may be a minority of funds that do have an initial charge on the platform, so please check the Cofunds Fund List before investing. Clubfinance takes no initial, switch or ad hoc fees on any funds held on the platform. The stated initial charges (0% in the vast majority of cases) also apply for switches on the platform. There is no charge to transfer funds on or off the Cofunds platform.
To see the initial charges available through Clubfinance click on the Cofunds Fund List button above.

Platform charges

The following table summarises the charges for the Cofunds platform with Clubfinance as your intermediary.

Tier Cofunds annual Total   Example annual platform charges
  Platform Charge Annual Fee     Portfolio Value Effective Charge (inc. Clubfinance fee)
£0-£500,000 0.23% 0.05% 0.28%   £10,000 0.28%
£500,000-£1million 0.20% 0.05% 0.25%   £400,000 0.28%
Over £1million 0.15% 0.05% 0.20%   £1million 0.265%

Platform charges on commission-free share class funds

The above annual platform charges (including Clubfinance's 0.05%) are only charged on commission-free share class funds. These commission-free funds have lower Annual Management Charges that do not include payments of commission to intermediaries or payments of administration costs to Cofunds. Commission-free funds are the only type of funds available for new investment and switch buys on Cofunds.

Platform charges on commission-included share class funds

This section only applies to clients who held their Cofunds account(s) with Clubfinance on 8 June 2014 - click for more details.

Online Investor Service

  • Buy funds using a Debit Card.

  • Switch between funds.

  • View holdings, valuations and correspondence.

New Cofunds customers can open a Cofunds account and buy funds using a Debit card (to use the service further you will then need to register to use the service as normal after receiving your letter containing your Cofunds Client Reference number.)

Existing Cofunds customers can log in or register.

Please note: if you have an existing Cofunds account through another intermediary, you will need to first Change your Agent to Clubfinance, and then register for Clubfinance's Cofunds Online Investor Service. Alternatively, you can open a separate new account using Clubfinance as for "New Cofunds customers" above. (You can still subsequently Change your Agent for your other Cofunds accounts and request that they are merged with your new one).

Click here to access our Cofunds Online Investor Service.

Forms and documentation

Please see below for the forms and information applicable to each type of transaction.

(Click to open)
New investment Switch Re-registration ISA transfer Complete & send in?
Cofunds Specific
Cofunds Terms & Conditions
Cofunds Key Information Document
Cofunds Fees & Charges Schedule
Fund Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs)
Fund charges information
Investment Funds Application; or
ISA Application
Switch Instruction Form
Investment Funds Transfer Application
ISA Transfer Application (includes re-registration)
Clubfinance documents
Clubfinance’s - About our services document
Clubfinance ISA Transfer Risk Warnings
Clubfinance Terms of Business
Clubfinance Identification Requirements NC NC NC NC NC
Clubfinance Client Declaration


- Read, understand and retain copies of these documents and if the 'Complete and send in?' column is ticked, please send a completed copy to Clubfinance with your application.
NC    - New Clubfinance customers only (and existing customers if not previously provided).

How to invest using a paper application form

Make sure you have the latest Cofunds 'Terms & Conditions', 'Cofunds Key Information Document', Cofunds Fees & Charges Schedule, fund Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) and fund charge information, and have read, understood, and kept copies of the documents indicated in the table above. For those documents relevant to your transaction with a tick in the 'Complete and send in?' column, print off a copy to complete and send in. Please remember that you must send all documents, including a signed Clubfinance Client Declaration; to Clubfinance Ltd and not direct to Cofunds, in order to benefit from our service.

Our postal address is:

Clubfinance Ltd
PO Box 1036
Hemel Hempstead

Other forms

Form Name Comment
Nominated Bank Account Instruction Use this form to set up or change your nominated bank account for Cofunds. Any change to your nominated bank account will not be applied to regular monthly investments. You will also need to send us an original bank statement less than 3 months old.
Please note you can also set up or change your nominated bank account using Clubfinance's Cofunds Online Investor Service.
Investment Funds to ISA Application Use to sell investments and reinvest within a ISA. Please refer to the table above under 'New investment'.
Withdrawal Instruction Form Use to sell investments. Funds must be transferred to an account in the account holder's name - please also send in a bank/building society statement less than 3 months old for that account.
ISA additional contribution form Use to add additional contributions to your Cofunds ISA.
ISA regular contribution amendment form Use to alter an existing regular ISA contribution.

Cofunds information request

If you already have an account with Cofunds, and are interested in appointing Clubfinance as your agent to benefit from our commission rebates, please see Change of Agent.

Funds I am interested in investing in (not applicable for re-registration)

Provider Fund name * Lump Sum (£) Monthly (£)

* - please include whether you are interested in accumulation ('Acc') units/shares or income ('Inc') units or shares where applicable.

Existing funds to be switched, transferred, re-registered etc. (not applicable for new investment)

Provider Fund name Lump Sum (£) Monthly (£)

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