Clubfinance can often arrange your pension product at a discount, including products from fund supermarkets and other pension providers. The products available include Stakeholder and Personal Pensions.

Commission rebates

Commission structures for pension products vary a lot.

Depending on the product, Clubfinance rebates 75% or 100% of our initial commission, either in the form of a cash rebate, or to reduce the initial charges.

To ensure compliance with pension regulations, Clubfinance cannot provide cash rebates for annual ongoing commissions (often termed trail, renewal or fund-based commission). For some products we can nominate a lower rate of ongoing commission to either reduce the ongoing charges or so that part of the ongoing commissions are automatically reinvested.

Products available

Clubfinance will endeavour to arrange the product of your choosing at a discount, although there are some circumstances where we cannot act for you (see below). We will let you know if we cannot arrange a particular product for you, or if we are unable to provide you with a discount.

The Clubfinance website currently includes information on the Skandia Investment Solutions Collective Retirement Account (SIS CRA). For other products please contact us with the details of the specific product(s) you are interested in.


For pension products, there are some instances where Clubfinance cannot act for you. Please see Clubfinance's Additional Terms of Business for Pension Products for more information.

Pension Transfers

WARNING. Pension Transfers are often an area where advice is needed. If you have any doubts over your ability to compare the costs and benefits of the old and new schemes, the costs and consequences of transferring, or whether the new scheme is suitable for your needs, or you need advice or a personal recommendation, you should get advice from a suitably authorised financial adviser.

Please be aware that there are some types of pension transfer that we are unable to arrange. We are unable to arrange transfers from Occupational Pension Schemes. However, we may at our discretion, arrange transfers from Personal Pensions (including Group Personal Pensions and SIPPs) to another Personal or Stakeholder Pension, and from Stakeholder Pensions to another Stakeholder Pension.

Please refer to both Clubfinance's Additional Terms of Business for Pension Products, and Clubfinance's Pension Transfer Risk Warnings.

Useful information

The Consumer Financial Education Body's Moneymadeclear website includes impartial, important and useful tools and information. Click here for their pensions and retirement web pages.

Using these links, you will leave the Clubfinance website. Clubfinance has no responsibility for the content of the Moneymadeclear website.

Further Information

Please contact us with any questions, or with details of the specific pension product or products that you are interested in.

REMEMBER! We cannot respond if you make a mistake with your e-mail address.

Important Information

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  • The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise as a result of market and currency fluctuations. For many types of investment, you may be placing your capital at risk, meaning that you may not get back the amount originally invested and you may risk losing your entire investment.
  • Some investments and policies may only be suitable as medium or long-term products.
  • Tax treatments depend on your individual circumstances and may be subject to change in future.
  • This website contains financial promotions relating to services offered by and products available through Clubfinance.
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