Clubfinance clients can invest in over 1,200 Unit Trusts, OEICs (Open Ended Investment Companies), SICAVs, and a small number of Investment Trusts on the FundsNetwork platform.

Clubfinance charges an ongoing annual fee of 0.05% and rebates all commission on legacy fund classes (subject to deduction of income tax where applicable). To see the range of funds available, please click on the 'FundsNetwork Fund Charges' button above. You can also access our 0.05% fee structure for existing holdings on FundsNetwork by appointing Clubfinance as your agent. Click here for more information.

If you log in through the FundsNetwork website, to benefit from our discounts, you will need to ensure that Clubfinance is indicated as your intermediary (our reference number for FundsNetwork is 812935).

Platform Charges

FundsNetwork now has an explicit charging structure. You can only purchase 'clean share class funds' also known as 'unbundled funds' which are fund share classes that do not have platform charges or trail commission included in their Annual Management Charge ('AMC'). As an example a typical 'legacy' retail fund class might have an AMC of 1.50% (made up of 0.75% kept by the fund manager, 0.25% paid to the platform, and 0.5% intermediary trail commission). A new clean share class fund for the same fund might have an AMC of 0.75%.

The charges for using FundsNetwork through Clubfinance are summarised in the table below.


Fund Manager



Initial charges Most funds do not have initial charges1, see the Key Investor Information Document ('KIID'). Normally 0%, however, 0.25% may be applied on some switches2. Nil
Ongoing charges All funds have ongoing charges referred to as the Total Expense Ratio ('TER') - this incorporates the AMC and other fund expenses. Investor Fee: £45 per year.
Service Fee: 0.25% per year of assets held in clean share classes.
Clubfinance fee: 0.05% of all platform assets.
Other charges Disclosed in KIID if any. ETF dealing fee: 0.1%
Foreign transactions: up to 1.0%

1  Please note that even where a fund initial charge is 0%, if the fund is dual-priced (i.e. a fund that quotes two prices: a higher buying price and a lower selling price) then the bid-offer spread, which is a fund charge, will still apply. For single-priced funds, the fund manager may apply a dilution levy under some circumstances.

2  Click here for more information on switch fees

How to invest

You can generate all the information required online on the FundsNetwork website (click here). If you have a preliminary enquiry or you would like the relevant documentation e-mailed to you please use the following form at the base of this page. Click here to go to the form.

To sign up to Clubfinance's 0.05% fee structure for FundsNetwork, please use the following document. This form is required to set up a new account, or make a new investment on FundsNetwork using Clubfinance.

pdf Clubfinance's FundsNetwork ongoing fee authority form

Please remember that in order to benefit from our new fee structure, you must send all documents to Clubfinance Ltd and not direct to FundsNetwork, including a signed Clubfinance Client Declaration Form each time you send us a paper application, together with identification documents (see our identification requirements) if you are a new Clubfinance customer.

You can carry out some transactions online on the FundsNetwork website. However, as a Clubfinance customer, you still need to send a signed Client Declaration to Clubfinance the first time you do this, together with suitable identification unless you have already supplied this to Clubfinance. Click here for full details of the process.

Our postal address is:

Clubfinance Ltd
PO Box 1036
Hemel Hempstead

Please click here to access FundsNetwork

Summary details

This is only a guide. Full details will be contained in the Key Features for the fund supermarket.

pdf FundsNetwork Keyfacts

pdf FundsNetwork Client Terms

Click here for FundsNetwork fund information

New investment

Only 'clean share class funds' also known as 'unbundled funds' can be purchased as new investments. For new investments, Clubfinance makes no charges other than our 0.05% annual fee (FundsNetwork's platform charges and fund charges apply).

The minimum new lump-sum investment is usually £1,000 and £250 per fund into existing funds. The minimum monthly investment is £50 per application with £25 into each fund.

You can find full details of charges by logging into FundsNetwork and generating a personalised Key Features document. Alternatively, complete the enquiry form at the bottom of this webpage.


Neither FundsNetwork nor the fund companies offering re-registration charge anything for re-registering existing holdings onto FundsNetwork. There are no initial charges to pay.

However, clients re-registering funds within Aegon's Premium ISA service will incur Aegon's usual charges on exiting the service, and there may be exit charges if the funds are re-registered from another platform.

pdf FundsNetwork Re-registration Guide

For re-registration, Clubfinance makes no charges other than our 0.05% annual fee (FundsNetwork's platform charges and fund charges apply).


We take no commission, just a fee of 0.05% per annum.

The minimum transfer is generally £1,000 per fund.

Note that your existing plan manager may make a charge or exit fee.


Clubfinance does not charge an additional fee for switches. FundsNetwork normally does not make a charge, however, there are occasions where a Switching Fee of 0.25% will apply. If you are switching into a fund that has no initial charge, then there will be no Switching Fee. In some cases the normal fund initial charge may apply instead of a Switching Fee. For recognised offshore funds (e.g. SICAVs), the switch charge is up to 1%.

Funds are bought and sold, so could also have a buy-sell spread, or the fund manager may apply a dilution levy.

Funds available

To see the range of funds available, please click on the 'FundsNetwork Fund Charges' button above or click here. You can look at the funds available from each fund manager either inside or outside an ISA.

FundsNetwork Information Request

Funds I am interested in investing in (not applicable for re-registration)

Fund manager Fund name Lump Sum (£) Monthly (£)

Existing funds to be switched, transferred, re-registered etc. (not applicable for new investment)

Fund manager Fund name Lump Sum (£) Monthly (£)

Important Information

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