Critical Illness Insurance Cover ('CIC')

We have a no obligation on-line quotation service for Critical Illness Insurance Cover:

You can obtain quotes for Critical Illness on its own or combined with one of the types of term life insurance. Depending on the policy, a claim for Critical Illness may mean that the policy will not also pay out under the life insurance element.

Choose the type of cover from the 'Product Type' dropdown menu, then chose either "Critical Illness only" or "Death or Earlier Critical Illness" from the 'Benefit Type' dropdown menu.

Remember your Client Declaration (all parties to sign), see our process for details. As with all online quotations of this type, the premiums quoted are estimates only and the actual premiums will depend on individual circumstances. If the eventual premium differs from the quotation, the policy will not commence without your agreement.

Please note that quotations are valid for only a limited period of time, generally 30 days. In addition, unless you proceed to the personal illustration stage, it will be necessary to requote. If your circumstances change between the quotation being generated and the policy going into force, the premium may be affected. This includes passing a birthday, half-birthday (6 months after your birthday), or in some cases a quarter birthday (3 or 9 months after your birthday).

What is Critical Illness Insurance Cover?

A Critical Illness policy typically pays a tax-free lump sum if you are diagnosed with a critical illness covered by the policy. You can use this money however you wish, for example, to pay off your mortgage. Critical Illness Insurance pays out if you get any of the illnesses specified by your policy, provided you meet the definition of the illness in your policy and you have kept up your monthly premiums. Unless specifically stated in the policy documentation, Critical Illness Insurance on its own does not provide any cover for death.

Other types of health insurance

Critical Illness Insurance is distinct from other types of health insurance such as:

  • private medical insurance, which pays for the cost of private medical treatment; or

  • Income Protection Insurance, which pays you a monthly income if you are too ill to work, regardless of the illness you suffer from, after an agreed period. The income continues until you are fit to return to work or the policy ends.

Why would you want Critical Illness Cover?

Critical Illness Insurance provides cover against the risk of serious illness such as a heart attack or cancer. Critical illnesses may include specified illnesses, conditions, or surgical procedures.

The critical illnesses covered vary between policies and insurance providers. Each policy will only cover the conditions set out in its Key Features leaflet, and no others. Critical Illness policies often include some cover for permanent total disability and/or death of the life assured.


Critical Illness policies usually pay a lump sum, but you can obtain quotes for a series of benefits by setting the 'Product type' as 'Family Income Benefit', and the 'Benefit Type' as 'Critical Illness Only'.

Please note that Critical Illness quotes are based on you having a 'class 1 occupation' and the premium may be different if your job is not within this type of occupation.

For most policies you must pay a regular premium, either every month or once a year. The size of your premium depends on factors including your age, sex, health, occupation, whether or not you smoke, the amount and type of cover you need and how long you need the cover for.

Premiums may be guaranteed for the term of the policy or reviewable, meaning that the insurance company can increase them usually following an initial period.

Some insurance companies will quote for increasing benefit, to help offset the impact of inflation. If you select this option, premiums will generally also increase in line with the increased cover provided.

You can obtain quotes for critical illness combined with one of the types of Term Life Insurance. Depending on the policy, a claim for critical illness may mean that the policy will not also pay out under the life insurance element.

Assessing your demands & needs

If you, or your dependants, would face financial difficulties if you became critically ill, Critical Illness Cover could meet some of your demands and needs.

Some specific needs that could be addressed include:

  • provision of private care or treatment;
  • alteration of your home (e.g. installing stairlift);
  • purchase of special medical equipment or equipment to enable you to work from home for example;

  • repaying a mortgage.


Critical Illness policies usually contain exclusions (things that are not covered) such as hazardous sports, or failure to follow medical advice. Exclusions vary between insurance companies. Each Key Features leaflet will list the exclusions for that particular policy.

Most insurance companies will accept you if you are in good health and are within the age range they accept (usually between 18 and 60). Most insurance companies allow the policy to cover both you and your partner, in which case it may only pay out when the first person becomes critically ill.

If you suffer from, or have suffered from a serious illness, you may not be offered a policy, or the policy may exclude any critical illness directly or indirectly related to your illness, or you may be charged a higher premium. You may also be charged a higher premium if certain conditions (e.g. heart disease or cancer) run in your family. This reflects that you may be more likely to suffer a critical illness.


To apply for a policy you will have to complete and sign a proposal form. This includes questions on your age, occupation and health. You must answer all questions truthfully. You must also inform the insurer of any change in your circumstances between completing the application and the policy going into force. If you do not, or if you fail to disclose all relevant information, your policy may not pay out. Once the insurance company has received this information, in some cases it may need additional information for underwriting purposes. In some cases your answers may result in you being refused cover or a change to the premium quoted. Once the policy is in force you have an ongoing duty to tell the insurance company about any changes in your circumstances.

Product providers included in the Clubfinance quote

Our on-line quotation service includes the following product providers:

  • AEGON Scottish Equitable
  • Aviva (was Norwich Union)
  • Axa
  • Bright Grey
  • Bupa
  • Friends Provident
  • Legal & General
  • Liverpool Victoria
  • Pru Protect
  • Scottish Provident
  • Synergy Financial Products
  • Zurich

How does Clubfinance provide such low quotes relative to even some of the 'Discount Life Insurance' companies?

First, we do not give advice or recommendations. Second, Clubfinance has a very simple policy of providing excellent value to our customers. We do this by rebating our initial commission to reduce the premium. We rebate up to 90% of initial commissions. We urge you obtain quotes from other companies, as we are confident of our low quotes.


It requires careful planning to choose the right insurance policy. It is important to read the Key Features and other information relating to each policy to understand the features, benefits and limitations of each. It is also important to make sure that your cover continues to suit your changing needs and circumstances.

This is a general overview only. You must read the Key Features and other product information specific to the policy you are considering. This overview does not represent and is not intended to represent advice or recommendation. If you need advice you must contact a firm that can provide the advice you need.

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